Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Software Developer Ethics

Many ethical responsibilities come with the profession of a software developer. From the quality of the software that you develop or help develop. As we progress in time and further our technological advancements, the development of softwares become increasingly integrated with modern technology.

"Client and employer. Software engineers shall act in a manner that is in the best interests of their client and employer, consistent with the public interest." [1]

Working for with other colleagues involves strong ethical responsibilities when developing software as a team effort. Being honest about your skill knowledge and capabilities is heavily relied upon when working with a team. Lying about what your knowledge base may result in an inability or insufficient task completion. This can result in poor remarks from the company you are employed with, or unhappy customers/clients.

“Software engineers shall ensure that their products and related modificationsmeet the highest professional standards possible.” [2]

As previously stated, the further we progress in technological advancements, the more software is heavily relied upon. This can include software that may help a plane navigate from one place to another, or software in an automobile to regulate the car sensors. If the program/software is fully tested for potential flaws, there's a possible chance that the software could fail and any other systems that rely on it may also fail. Fully testing, catching, and correcting for such flaws can potentially help save many lives, and help create stronger programs.

Software used to help navigate airplane

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  1. Based on your blog, I now have a clear understanding of how software programmers operate and the tremendous significant influence they have where modern technology appears to be ubiquitous, especially in an era such as this one, when it is needed the most. I liked how your references state the ethical responsibilities one must practice in this workforce. If you could only state who said these quotes, what is their position in field of computer science and if you could also elaborate a bit more on the ethical responsibilities as well as examples of the misuse of ethical responsibilities from other software programmers and the consequences of their actions.