Friday, September 15, 2017

A basic Make Up Process

The Basic Make Up Process 

Make up has been a popular activity that all girls come across at one point in their lives. If you pay attention to your surroundings, you'll notice most females with a full coverage face; meaning foundation, contour, blush, mascara, filled in eye brows, lipstick, and so on. It has been and always will be a popular subject that will only advance. Every generation has their own style and look. This generation, due to advanced technology and studies, took make up to a whole other level. Not only did make up companies produced facial products but body products as well. Now you can contour your chest, shoulders, neck, and legs even. Many women wear makeup due to the hype that society pushes upon it as well as insecurities. I, for example feel more confident when I apply all the different types of products on my face. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem showing my bear skin but I love the different look and complements because of my makeup. I only wear make up on special occasions such a night out with friends, a date, an event, or an interview. I view make up as a type of art that is difficult yet interesting to master. Due to our generation’s make up development, there is now a correct way to apply make up on.
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Now let’s go over how to apply all these products. Before beginning the process, you must prepare your face. Wash your face with soap and cold water. Scrub in circular motions all around and under your eyes. Once you have rinsed off all the soap, I recommend doing a facial mask so that your face is deep cleaned. Any facial mask at your preference will work. Then moisturize you face with any face lotion you already use. Make sure your face lotion is set in order to apply the primer. Here is a tip to preserve your products; a little goes a long way. With that being said, use one pump on the tip of your fingers and apply on your face as if you were moisturizing your skin with lotion. Have your primer dry before your foundation routine. When it comes to foundation only use up to two pumps. Its best if you pump on the tip of your finger rather than your face and dab all around your face. Once you have little dots all over your face, you can either use a beauty blender which is a sponge or a foundation brush. You can use either or but I will be explaining how to use the beauty blender. Choose one side of the beauty blender to continuously dab the foundation. Don’t stop dabbing all your face until your face is fully covered and even. When it comes to your eyes, look up and gently dab underneath starting from the inter eye, out. For your lids instead of dabbing, brush across until it’s all covered. This foundation routine is your base before applying details.
                  Contouring your face defines the angles of your face, for example your cheek bones, nose, forehead, and jaw line. The basic facial contour is the cheeks. Bronzer much like any contour powders will be applied underneath your cheek bones. Pucker up, making a kissing face, and with a contour brush, make a line in the dents that is 2 inches away from your ear down towards 2 inches away from your lips. With the same brush used or a defined brush, blend out the powder. Brush back and forward and in circular motions to evenly blend out the powder making it look natural. Now with any concealer brand you like, make lines underneath your eyes out towards the end of your eye. This is applied on your cheek bones in order for your eyes to stand out and to cover any dark spots for those with bags under their eyes. With the beauty blender, using the clean side, dab along the cheek bone until its fully blended out. Your cheek bones are the main areas to conceal. As for the rest of your face, make a line down your nose but stop before getting to the tip of your nose. Then make three lines in the lower center of your forehead connecting to your nose concealer line. Make three small lines on your chin as well. With the same beauty blender, you used to blend out the concealer on your cheek bones, blend out your nose, forehead, and chin. The face is now toned and defined.
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          The eyebrows are where you need to have patients. Brush out your eyebrows to their shape. Then pluck any hairs that are out of place from your eyebrow shape. By plucking out the extra hairs, it will make the process easier and smoother. You can use gel, pomade, or power to fill in the brows. Brush your eyebrows once again and with the eyebrow fine tipped brush, outline your eyebrows starting from the beginning to the middle right before you curve. Start in the middle and curve down to the end of your eyebrow. Repeat the process for the top only at the curve make sure the end of the tip meets. After you are done with outlining, shade the middle to the tip. As for the front of your eyebrow, brush the outlined bottom line up to smear the color making it lighter than the end. Try not to bold your eyebrows because then they will look too thick. Now we are going to go back to the concealer. Use a thin small concealer brush to clean your brows. With the same concealer used to conceal you face, carefully outline the bottom of your brows to make them sharp. Blend out the concealer so that it won’t looked outlined. Your eyebrows are always a compliment to the rest of your face.
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                  Let’s dive into colors! Eyeshadow is where your creativity comes to place. I’m going to guide you through a natural eyeshadow look. You want to use soft warm colors like different light browns, nude, soft pink, light orange, tan, and any other warm color you can think of. You will need two brushes to do your eyeshadow. With your eyeshadow brush apply the nude powder all over your eyelids. Tap out any extra powder left on the brush. Next apply the light brown on the outer crease of your eyes. With a different shade of brown, lightly and with very little powder, brush the outer edge of the lid. The second clean brush blend your eyeshadow that is already applied. Blend both browns but try not to blend it with the nude in the center of your eye lid. Using warm light colors will give you an everyday natural look if you want to add color to your eyes. Once you’re done with your eye shadow, it is safe to make your eyelashes bold with mascara. When applying mascara, try to start from the very bottom base of your eyelashes to the tip. Let the first layer semi dry and then apply the second layer to extend and bold them. The eyeshadow and mascara will make your eyes stand out.Related image               
      Lastly, with a highlight brush, lightly brush back and forth with highlight powder on your cheek bones. High light will make your face glow and your smile bigger. You now have full coverage and color. This is not the only process to apply makeup. These are the basic steps, be as creative as you want and experiment with colors. This process helps those who’s knowledge on coverage is limited. Make up is another way of expressing art, creativity, and positivity. It makes most women feel confident and beautiful because it is something different; perhaps even something new. Follow these steps in order to wear the whole package!


  1. As a guy, I began reading your post knowing absolutely nothing about makeup. I could not tell you the difference between primer, contour, foundation, or anything else that is related to makeup. But after reading your "How To" blog, I really feel like I could do a really good job if someone trusted me to do their makeup. It was really useful how you went in chronological order in how to put on makeup, and explained the different types of brushes and other mediums to use. I would only recommend providing a picture of the brushes and blenders, that way someone like myself with no knowledge about makeup, can make sure I am using the correct brush on the correct area of my face. Also, there were a few grammar errors but nothing too serious. Make sure you keep everything in the same form of time, for example, some sentences were in present tense, while others were in past tense. Based on this blog, I would guess your personality is very outgoing. I make this conclusion from encouraging your readers to go ahead and try their own colors and experiment different methods rather than telling them to stick to a single method. Nice post!

  2. Thank you for your feed back. I can see where you're coming from. I agree that my blog needed more picture.

  3. I enjoyed your analysis of the history of makeup. I didn't know that the current generation was bringing things to a whole new level. I think the instructions should provide some framework for people, but I wonder if a blog with more graphics might have been helpful. There are quite a few grammar and spelling errors.