Thursday, September 14, 2017

How to: Travel Correctly

How to Travel Correctly

Traveling can really change your life, especially when you open yourself to different cultures. Some people tend not to travel at all in their lifetime, which saddens me. There is no greater feeling then when you fly out to a country that you don’t know or even speak the language and experience a whole new culture. It can be kind of scary to travel, but the experience is always amazing. There are a few things you need to know before traveling.


1.Never pack heavy because you have to carry your stuff around, which makes it hard if you fly to different countries in one vacation. Then you are going to get tired of carrying all your belongings and it’s going to affect your vacation activity. I would recommend taking a carry on and a backpack. In a carry on I would suggest you take: a pair of shoes, three pants, five shirts, and the necessary amount of undergarments you need for your trip. In your backpack you should take a sweater, your phone charger, valid identification and toiletries. 

2. Always research the country or countries you are visiting, it is very important. One main thing to do is find a map for the city you are visiting, just so you won’t get lost. Make sure you know what the best way of transportation is around the city. For example, in Europe it is more convenient for you and your wallet to take the bus or the train from the airport to the city. Make sure you research, which areas you should not visit because you don't want to get into trouble or in a bad situation.

    Spending your money correctly
3. The main thing you have to worry about is having enough money for your flight, hotel and food. They are various things you can do to minimize the amount of money you spend on a trip. First is finding a cheaper flight, which can be hard but with a little research you find out flights are a little cheaper during the slow season. The slow season is during January through February and the whole month of October. Slow seasons can change depending on your destination. Also, if you book your flight months in advance the tickets will be cheaper. Last but not least finding a place to stay, while not breaking the bank. I mean if you have the money a nice hotel would be good but for those people like me a hostel would be a cheaper option. If you are traveling with friends, then you can just split it within each other for a nice place. You can use Airbnb, or to look at your price range options. I personally use Expedia because it feels a little safer. If you do not know what Airbnb or Expedia is, they are website who rent out rooms for hotels or apartments.One thing to also take into consideration is, when you buy tickets for events or transportation make sure to be aware of the authenticity of the tickets. Make sure it is a legitimate source you are buying the tickets from because many people get conned into buying fakes or even over paying for tickets.


  1. 1) My relationship to the subject of traveling is not very strong. The extent of my travels only include destinations inside the United States. In addition, I have only been to two other states, not including California.

    2) In terms of this blog's usefulness, I found the money spending section to be quite informative. I don't travel often, and when I first read the title of this blog, I did not know about Airbnb or Expedia. In addition, the main reason I don't travel in the first place is because I don't have a lot of money, so this section on budgeting is very useful.

    3) I think the first section on packing could use more detail. For example, what kind of things would I absolutely need to pack that I might not first think of? In addition, there are some grammatical errors, mostly pertaining to missing words, fragments and run on sentences. I think a lot of these errors can be found if you try reading your blog out loud as this allows you to not only see mistakes, but also hear them as well.

    4) I don't like to talk about my personality very much as I find it weird, but if I had to sum up my personality, I would say I am easy going and friendly.

    1. Yikes, Colin. Why does it look like you're answering a bunch of questions? Are you trying to fulfill some kind of school requirement?

  2. Thanks for your input I took it into consideration and made the necessary adjustments.

  3. This blog contains some well-composed text that can act as a starting point for beginning a trip. On the other hand, there is little in the way of insider information or tips that would have come from experience. When describing packing, there could have been visual aids to illustrate your tips, and finally, it's a travel blog so why no pretty graphics?