Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Make Acrylic Key Chains


Making acrylic key chains can be an easy and economical activity. This activity can be done to distract oneself or make something personalized. It is also a great activity to teach young kids when they are bored or have spare time. With this activity, one can get creative with the design of the key chain.  Note that this is one way to make this type of key chain. This how-to will teach you everything, like what you need, to have a better understanding and make your activity process easier. 

1. First: What You Need

There are a couple of items that you would need to complete this activity. 

  • sharpies/permanent markers
  • hole puncher
  • key rings
  • toaster oven
  • toaster oven pan
  • protective sheet for pan
  • scissors
  • tape
  • printable/design 
  • shrinky dink
  • mittens or tongs
  • optional: jump ring

2. Start to Copy Image Into Shrinky Dink

After you have chosen the image you want on your key chain you will print it out. Make sure the printable is large enough because the acrylic paper (shrinky dink) would shrink about five sizes down. Then, you would tape the shrinky dink below the printable and this way it would hold still will you are tracing over it. After you finished taping the two papers, grab all the colors you will need and start tracing the image. After you finish, make sure you let the ink dry for a while. 


3. Cut the Shrink Dink and Hole Punch

Once you let the shrink dink dry for about 5 minutes, you would cut it into the desired shape. Most people cut it into circled or rectangular shapes, but it is all about preference. You can get creative with any other shape. Then you would hole punch the shrink dink where you want to attach the key ring. Make sure you don't punch a hole close to the edge of the paper because the paper might tear or might break the key chain when trying to attach the key ring. If in case the hole is not big enough to fit the key ring after it has been shrunk, there are also jump rings that are thinner that would fit in the hole. You would then attach the key ring. 


4. Place Shrinky Dink in Toaster Oven

After you have finished cutting and hole punching the shrinky dink, you will turn the toaster oven on. Make sure the toaster pan has a protective paper on top. Then using mittens or tongs, place the shrinky dink on the toaster's pan. Be careful not to burn yourself in this step. If you are doing this activity with children, do this step for them and make sure they do not touch the toaster. After seconds in the oven, you should see the paper shrink. Expect the paper to crumble together, then fall flat on the pan. Wait until the shrinky dink is flat and then using the tongs, carefully remove the paper from the oven toaster. 


5. Place Key Ring

After removing the shrink dink from the oven, carefully place the shrink dink on a flat surface and let it cool down. Do not let kids touch the shrinky dink until it is at a normal temperature. You would notice the difference of the paper. The paper gets thicker, the color of the design gets darker, and the design is smaller. After it is cool, you will place the key ring in. If you notice that the key ring does not fit because the hole is too small, like I said before, you an use a jump ring first and then you would insert the key ring on the jump ring. After this, the activity is complete and you can also add other accessories. You can place your craft with the rest of your keys and admire your creativity. 


  1. Up to this point I did not know anything about acrylic key chains because personally I believe that these types of key chains are mainly for girls. I also did not know that there are many steps to making a key chain like this. Such as needing a toaster for this process. This hobby takes time and patience something I lack in.
    This blog is very useful for anyone who like or would like to learn how to make these types of key chains. After reading this I believe that i can make a key chain of my own because all the steps were explained with a lot of detail. She also explains to us who it will be best to teach how to make the key chain, which are the young population because not only does it distract them but it keeps them busy.
    Overall this is great blog though there are some mistakes such as spelling and grammar. For example the last sentence in the first paragraph there is a word that does not belong. Mainly there may be a few bad sentence due to the the wrong vocabulary is being used. All the mistake can be fixed if this blog would be read out loud.

    1. It is true that this activity appeals more to young kids and seems more feminine than for a general public. I realized it had to do with the image choices I made, but there are many other types of designs that one can make, depending on your personality. Thank you for the feedback, I definitely revised my writing.

  2. The revision to your language really shows through and it is really easy to follow the steps you outline here. I am curious about the images though. Your images show all kinds of metallic looking borders and hyper clear acrylic. Are these really shrinky dinks? Also, I think the folded shrinky dinks look cool, but I think you're using them as an example of what not to do...