Friday, September 15, 2017

How to: Drive with Style

How To properly drive

Driving a vehicle is more than just getting from point A to point B.
It is about not only looking cool, but also being cool. Wether you
are driving a manual car or an automatic, there is a general way to
properly drive a car with bonus cool points.

The Right Car

We all dream about having the most expensive super car. However,
many of us have a tight budget so the only car we will be able to afford
at this point of our lives is an old Honda civic that is being held up by duct tape
and shares the same engine as a weedwacker. For those who do not have a car
of their own, your parent's soccer mom van will do the job.

First of all!

In order to get into the car, you will first have to unlock the doors. Once you
have successfully unlocked the car, open the door and take a seat behind the
steering wheel. Now forget about getting comfortable because looking cool
comes with a price. Lean your seat as far as back as possible where you can
kind of see whats in front of you but where a driver parallel to you cannot.
Refer to the picture for an example.

Driving tips and tricks.

1) When it comes to the pedals, since you are trying to impress those around you.
The brake pedal will not be needed.

2) NEVER drive with two hands. Driving with one hand lets people know that
you do what you want. Girls Dig that!!

3) There are no laws or rules, just suggestions. Every traffic light and sign are just 
to give you suggestions on what you should do. Just remember; No cop, no stop!!

4) Every red light is an opportunity to show off your driving skills. Take advantage
and race who ever is next to you; even if they don't want to. Those are just easy W!


  1. Well, I have to admit it, I have found this blog very funny, I will agree that driving with two hands is completely forbidden if you want to look cool, one hand no matter what. Although, I think you have missed one important point, to drive cool, you have to drive manual, is essential for a cool driver to do so.
    About how useful the blog is, I would say that you should add more tips, and I don't know if is because my English is not my first language, but I didn't understand point 1 well.
    In addition I would definetaly change the title, since it says properly, and I do not think that driving with one hand is proper at all, lol.

  2. Thank You David for the feed back. I changed some things to make it more clear.

  3. This blog is hilarious. It could have been a little bit more attractive visually with some formatting and also I just wish it was longer.