Friday, September 8, 2017

How to Collect Vinyl

Record collecting is a fun way to collect something from the past that you can enjoy. It is also a way to explore your own personal music tastes. Record collecting is rewarding for anybody interested in music, culture, graphics, or just wants to appear hip.

1. Have Money(?)


While record collecting isn't that expensive, you may need some scratch to get started. If you have any older friends, you may be able to take a record player off their hands, but otherwise, buying a record player will require some amount of money. Don't be afraid to buy an entry level model, as you can always upgrade if you find yourself becoming a true audiophile. Records themselves can be very cheap if you are not buying expensive collectors items. Many record stores have even have dollar bins full of interesting finds.

2. Have Taste (or at least preferences)

One of the best ways to start a record collection without spending too much money is simply looking for artists and genres that you like. Sure, some of your favorite artists have probably made very expensive records, but many will have made less beloved albums that might not cost as much. Or, you may be able to find records by your favorite artist that may not be in the best condition, but will still be a blast to listen to. Collecting records is also a great way to learn more about a genre, and since some records are so cheap, you may be able to find a great artist that has influenced your favorites. It's important to understand that the economics of vinyl collection rely on collectors to have preferences. Your choices matter, since every time you buy a record you are theoretically raising its value a tiny bit by making that album more scarce in the marketplace. Who knows, maybe you will buy a record that will increase in value.

3. Find a Dealer

image: Find a Beat Records, London.
There are many ways to get records including record stores, pop-up shops, thrift stores, and maybe even relatives who are no longer using their record players. Find a way of getting records that reflects your dedication to your collection. Maybe you will become the type of collector who will pay exorbitant costs to get a rare record that you really want. Or maybe you will just stop by your favorite pop-up shop as you are shopping for vegetables at the farmer's market. However much time and effort you put into purchasing records, it should always be fun.

4. Enjoy Your Records

Records are pieces of history that have beautiful artwork and function with an anachronistic technology. But the main reason they're valuable is because they are still enjoyable! The more fun you have with your records the more valuable they become, as you generate interest around this hobby. More importantly, you records will be valuable to you, as they add music to your life and an appreciation for a culture that existed not too long ago.

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