Friday, September 15, 2017

How to : Start Skateboarding

How to: Start Skateboarding

So, you’ve decided to start skateboarding. It’s never to late for an old dog to learn new tricks. Skateboarding is all about learning new tricks, progressing and most of all just having a good time being out with friends.

1) Set Up

Let’s start by making sure you have the right equipment, a skateboard obviously. Board/deck sizes range from 7.5 - 9.0+, usually beginners go with the smaller boards since you can build up confidence by having your feet covering more of the board, thus giving you more control. Let’s not forget some trucks and wheels as well. When first beginning to learn the basics of skateboarding its best to have tighter trucks to become more comfortable with the skateboard. And finally, some wheels and bearings, usually bigger size wheels help with better control of the board and help to roll over small objects on the ground like small cracks without having you worry about falling. 

2) The Basics
Now that we have our board let’s start. First thing is being able to be comfortable on the board, as well as being able to stop confidently. Learning how to stop with your back foot will help you build confidence. As well as learning to push with your back foot as well. Figure out which foot you are comfortable with as your front foot, whether it be your right foot or your left foot, everyones different  so which ever feel is more easier to use go with that one.  Even learning how to jump (bail) off your skateboard when you see an accident / danger coming. Learning how to keep a strong balance is essential and will build up over time with practice. Second go to the skate park and make some friends and learn to learn from each other. This is why I  personally enjoyed skateboarding. Being able to have an  open mind  to learning from others will also be a big help.  This is what skateboarding is all about, being able to learn new tricks and progress again and again. With time and effort you will become more and more comfortable while rolling around on the board. As time and experience progress you'll start to roll around without really thinking about balancing or falling off.

3) Get Out There
Living in one of the biggest skateboarding capitals in the world, Los Angeles has blossomed with skate plazas (another term for skateparks). There are numerous skate plazas and skateparks in almost if not every city. Many of these parks have beginner obstacles as well as intermediate and advance obstacles for all skaters of different experience.  With a number of choices of parks to skate at, visit the one of your choice and enjoy.


  1. This was a good example for one who would be interested in picking a new hobby. It provides visuality and it's concise as well. However you could also specify a bit more instruction on how to use the skateboard. Like how do you keep balance on the board, how to stop with precaution etc. You provided images on how to do it which is great but itd be more helpful if you added specified detail as to how to ride the skateboard. Overall, your technical document is great.

  2. Hmm. I have to agree with Ivan. Besides the helpful advice about which skateboard you think the reader should buy, there is very little information about how to skate or even how to find more in-depth information. There aren't any safety precautions, really either and I happen to know skating can be dangerous, lol.