Friday, September 15, 2017

How To Play Ranked for Beginners (Rainbow Six Siege)

How To Play Ranked for Beginners (Rainbow Six Siege)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical counter-terrorist shooter game by Ubisoft. Ranked is a featured competitive game mode in Rainbow Six Siege that is unlocked once the player reaches level 20. This game mode allows players to acquire ranks and show off a player’s  win-loss and kill-death ratio on their profile.

Before starting a ranked match, make sure you adjust your sensitivity settings for your controller to have the best control over aiming and turning of your player. Map knowledge is critical, it gives you the advantage in planning out a siege and getting around the map.

Steps to Playing Ranked as an Attacker

1.  Assemble Team
Gather up to 4 other players to complete a team. It is recommended to play with friends or players who have microphones in order to communicate. Communication is essential to winning!

At the start of the round. Once a match starts you will receive the objective (hostage, secure the area, or bomb).

2. Choose an Operator

Communicate with teammates to decide upon tactics to implement during the round. Choice of operator affects the strategies one can carry out. For instance, operators such as Thermite or Hibana are useful in breaching reinforced walls and hatches. Take in consideration the weapon type best used in map, and the gadgets available for your operator.

3. Droning during Preparation Phase

Use the drones to scan where the objective is located and to spot enemy operators. After acquiring this intel, use the drone to scan a path and entry point. This allows for you to detect and clear a path from nearby enemies to navigate safely around the map.

Running in blind can get you killed if an enemy is watching over a hatch, window, wall, or doorway you decide to enter through.


After gathering intel during preparation phase, go into the spawn location menu and choose spawn point that best fits your strategy and path towards object.


5. Enter the building

Before entering the building, it is recommended to set up any breaching charges or break open a window, hatch, or door and do a quick scan with drone. This ensures detection of any enemies nearby roaming or holding an angle prepared to shoot in your direction.

6. Assault Objective

Once in, be prepared for things to go south and your plan not working. Use gadgets and abilities to your disposal. It is recommended to have headphones in order to have an advantage in hearing an enemy approach you. At this stage, communication between teammates is important in order to deliver intel on enemies or simply require the use of an operator's unique gadget.

7. Win

Shoot and Kill Enemies. Enter the objective and complete the mission!

These are just beginning tips to playing ranked in Rainbow Six Siege. As a player, you will gain experience to using different strategies to winning more often in ranked. Good luck on your journey to Platinum!


  1. I enjoyed reading your step by step on how to play Ranked in Rainbow Six Siege. It was simple to understand what goes on during a match! Unfortunately, I've classified myself as a wimp. I can't play video games with the most minimal amount of violence because I tend to freak out. I wish it wouldn't startle me so much, because I think I'd enjoy playing this. I believe someone who is familiar with this game would definitely understand your How-To blog if they've just begun ranked. I'm too much of a newbie, so it took me a while to comprehend. I don't know if there's any more detail you can add, but if you could, that would be nice. Other than that, your post was pretty cool.

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  3. Thank you on your feedback Diana. And I do understand that you may not be familiar with much of the topics I cover in my blog because I'm targeting an audience that is in familiar with Rainbow Six Siege and have only played the game mode casual. You should consider playing this awesome game. 😀

  4. This blog helps the noob get started on the process of strategizing a plan of attack in this game. A couple questions arise though. For example, how do you defend against people using your same tactics? What is the "unique gadget" you speak of?