Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How to: pass a soccer ball.

    There are different ways to pass a ball in soccer, in this blog we will focus on the different types of passes with your foot, of course you can pass a ball to your teammate, with your head, your knee, your shoulder, your chest, mostly with every single part of your body besides the arm.

Option 1) Inside of your foot.

     Interesting fact: For those of you that do not know this player, his name is Andrea Pirlo, he is from Italy and he plays for Juventus, but this picture was took years ago, when he was playing for AC Milan.
     As we can see clearly in the picture he is using the inside of his foot to pass the ball to a teammate (hopefully).
    Advantages: The use of this part of the foot, makes the pass, a precision pass, you can have a lot of control when you use the inside of your foot to make a pass. It is use for short passes.
    Disadvantages: The range of the pass with this part of your foot is not long, sometimes it can get intercept it, since the speed of the ball is not the one we should sometimes desire.

   Option 2: Outside of your foot.


     Interesting fact: Consider right now the best center mid-fielder in the world, his name is Luka Modric, his former club right now is Real Madrid C.F, but in the image is playing for his country, Croatia. This type of pass defines Luka Modric and he uses it a lot.

    Advantages: This type of pass is not commonly use, since is not that easy to make. Nevertheless, is a great resource to suprise the rival, also with this type of pass, you can spin the ball in some way that you cannot with option 1, this makes you find some passe or some spaces that you would not with option 1.
   Disadvantages: It is really hard to perfomn. You have to be a quality player to be able to perfom this kind of pass. Also if you hit it wrong there is a big chance of losing the ball. As option one is hard to achieve long distances, although if you hit the ball with the right surface it would go farther than option 1.

Option 3: Front of your foot


     Interesting fact: Consider as the master of long passes, he is know as making the best long passes in the history, his name is Xabi Alonso, he is from Spain, and right now he is retired, he has played for Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich though.
    Advantages: Is the best way to reach long distances, also gives the pass a lot of power which makes it very difficult to intercept it.
   Disadvantages: Is not precise and very hard to perfom, a lot of players think that the key to this pass is to have strength, but is not, the key to this pass is to place you whole foot below the ball, which requieres technique. Nevertheless, you need strenght to make it a long pass, but is not the key of perform it. Also you can use this technique to play ground balls in set of air balls, but the result is usually, a missed pass since is har to be precise and have power on it at the same time.  


  1. I have experimented with the sport of futbol throughout my life so I have some knowledge of what David is talking about. If I were to stumble across this blog and was interested in playing futbol, I will extremely find this blog useful for various reasons. The main reason is because David explains the different types of passing methods. The second reason is because he talks about different futbol players which extends my knowledge about the sport. I would say if you can explain the mechanics and technic required to execute each pass. Or choose one and explain it in depth. I would really go out and look for random pick up games just so I can try out the different methods of passing the ball.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I agree with you, although I am not sure if what else can I say about passinf, I mean, passing is basic stuff in soccer, so, I do not think that I can explain it better.

  3. This blog is filled with insider knowledge that is fun to learn about. The formatting is a big issue. There really should have been some care taken to give the "Interesting Facts" a different look. ALso, When you use block paragraphing, please don't indent your paragraphs.

    A tiny bit of additional information could have helped us to know when we should make different decisions. While you provide a basic understanding of why those passes are used for different occasions, it would be helpful if we had some examples.