Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How to Collect Limited Sneakers

Sneaker collecting is very exciting now a days because there are many new pairs from Adidas and Nike that seem to be scarce. Although many people can not buy the shoes at retail price, they still have the opportunity to buy them at the resale price. However, at the resale price, the shoe's price significantly increases. The price can increase up to a $1,000 like the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350, that are at a high price of $1,200.

1.Knowing when a shoe will release

Shoes are getting released all the time and it is easy to miss a shoe drop. In order to prevent that from happening, you should follow a website or social media account that have updates on shoe drop dates. It is best to try to get the shoes when they first drop because after they sell out, they will become way too expensive to want to buy at resale price.

2.Information on the Shoes

A great way to improve your chances in getting a limited pair of shoes is to gather information about them. By gathering information, it means to find out the day that they drop, and the exact time that they will be released. If you try to buy them at 12pm when they released at 12am, it is possible that they will no longer be in stock. The time that the shoes are in the stock depends on how popular they actually are. It would be preferred to set an alarm clock an hour before the shoes drop so that you have enough time to go to the website and be ready to purchase the shoes.

3.Patience and Intelligence 

It is important that you are patient and do not give up when ordering online. If the shoes are in high demand, the process in buying them will be very intense. Many people will try to buy the shoes at the exact time as you which will cause the web page to fail, and it may require you to refresh your web browser to get to the shoe. Try to have your check out information filled before the shoes drop because every second is precious when trying to buy limited shoes. Having all that information input already will help increase the odds, rather than a person who spent time inputting that information. Buying limited shoes is not an easy task. As you can see it requires a lot of determination and consistency. In the end when you are able to purchase the shoes, it will be worth the hard work. You will be able to say that you have a luxury that not many people have in this world.


  1. I think it's very interesting how your original blog pitch was about weightlifting, and then your final topic was collecting sneakers. Though I don't collect shoes, the blog I settled on writing also stems from a collector's point of view. Since your method immediately eliminates purchasing direct from brick and mortar stores, I would highly recommend the inclusion of more online websites that one can use to shop for limited edition shoes. How can customers identify which shoe sites are reliable? Are there communities these consumers can visit for feedback? I am also personally curious as to what makes these shoes unique. When people call me out for collecting rolling pieces of plastic/die-cast metal (Hot Wheels/Transformers), I offer up some contentions as to what these hobbies have that even the average Joe has to appreciate. Overall, I really liked the parallel your blog shared with mine, and I very much enjoyed reading your work.

    1. Thank you, for your suggestions and opinions Elton. I find it interesting how much we can both relate since we are both collectors. There is the option of waiting outside the store for days, but in my opinion i find it to not be worth it for some shoes. There are plenty of limited shoes out there in the market by different companies, so i really could not post a specific website specifically for limited shoes. What i usually do to find reliable sites is, I to go to the official brand website of the shoes. There can never be a problem of authenticity if the shoes come directly from the company itself. In my opinion buying shoes that are not from an official brand website has risk of the shoes being fakes. My advice to you is to just stick to the official brand's website of the shoe you want, to avoid problems of getting scammed or getting a fake pair of shoes. What makes these shoes so unique are the color ways and the style of the shoe. But make sure that the shoes catch your eye. There are plenty of limited shoes that i do not find to be good looking. It all depends on your type of taste. Another thing that makes these shoes special are just knowing that they are limited edition, and the reason why most shoes are limited edition is because two brands collaborate to create a shoe together. That is what increases the value of the shoes a ton.

  2. Anthony,
    I appreciated your reply to Elton, and I think I learned more from your response than from your blog. Perhaps, you could have modified your blog to reflect the needs of the reader. Your blog was pretty good, but short, and didn't reflect the full scope of your topic. For example, aren't there still people who wait outside at stores and stuff? What if you want to do that?

    Also, how do you know which shoes to buy? This is a good topic, but there wasn't a lot of information for either an expert in your topic or a newbie.